WCPE About Us: FAQ ( Frequently Asked Questions )


Have a question for us? You can send us email: ! But before you do, you might want to check our list of Freqently Asked Questions for the answer you seek...

Music Questions
Listening Questions
Station Questions
Membership Questions

Music Questions

  • Where can I buy a piece of music I heard on WCPE?
    WCPE's partnership with ArkivMusic means you can buy CDs through our website daily playlists, and your purchases benefit WCPE!

  • I want to comment on a musical selection... Who do I contact?
    If you have a suggestion for our Music Director, you may send email to music@theclassicalstation.org.

  • What was that music I heard this morning?
    Good news! You can look up our playlists online! We offer about a week's worth of playlists for you to browse through.

  • What's the music behind the "Sleepers, Awake" and "Music in the Night" themes?
    The "Sleepers, Awake!" theme is taken from Johann Sebastian Bach's "Sleepers, Awake!" portion of his Cantata 140.

    The music you hear behind the "Music in the Night" intro is Massenet's "Meditation from Thaïs." (Taken from the CD "French Connections", Virgo 61109; English Chamber Orchestra led by Paul Tortelier.)

Listening Questions

  • How can I hear WCPE on the internet?
    WCPE streams our audio over the internet in 5 different formats (Windows Media, Real Audio, MP3, Ogg Vorbis and QuickTime). How to Listen on the Internet

  • I'm having trouble receiving you on my satellite receiver
    Check out our satellite information page for help and a list of the basic equipment you'll need to hear us from anywhere in North America. If you need further help, send us email.

  • How can I get my cable company to provide WCPE on their channel line-up?
    WCPE provides its signal free to any cable company across the country. Contact your local cable company to request the addition of WCPE; or contact our Outreach Specialist, Curtis Brothers, for assistance.

Station Questions

  • Are you really listener-supported? I hear the announcers read ads on the station!
    WCPE is indeed listener-supported. The brief 15-second announcements you hear are designed to thank WCPE listeners who support the station. Some listeners merely want to be thanked by name, while other WCPE patron-listeners also happen to be business owners who request their announcement to be associated with their business to promote a sense of good will for their profession. If you've been to a symphony or other musical concert, you'll notice the printed program for the concert includes a list of individual and business patrons. The on-air thank you is a similar concept. It is not intended in any way to sell product for any business.

  • Where are you located?
    The WCPE studios are located in Rolesville, NC... a small town adjacent to Wake Forest (which, in turn, is just north of Raleigh, NC). Click here to view a map.

Membership Questions

  • I've moved... I need to give you my new address.
    Contact our Membership Director with your new information.

  • I still haven't received my Thank You Gift from the Pledge Drive!
    We strive to deliver your Thank You Gift as promptly as possible, but it sometimes takes a couple of months for our volunteers to complete the huge job of mailing out thousands of these gifts. You can feel free to contact our Premiums Coordinator if you think your thank-you gift has been lost in the mail.