Phil “Davis” Campbell
Phil “Davis” Campbell
Host of Rise and Shine

Where should we begin the journey in to the life and times of Phil “Davis” Campbell? For the listeners of The Classical Station, and at the same time not make this journey into a road with a lot of potholes, I have been told that some people can remember all the way back into the womb, but trust me my journey will not begin until later in life, when I was introduced to broadcasting, and classical radio.

Seems like a lifetime ago, but back in college, I was asked to help out on the college radio station for Saturday nights only. It seemed that the staff of the station would rather be out on the town than sit in a hot, closet room of a station to broadcast all of 10 watts that on a good night would reach some three dorms. Thus the seed of broadcasting was planted in the life and mind of Phil “Davis” Campbell. After a sports injury forced me to retire from college and take almost a year to heal, I knew that broadcasting would be a big part of my life forever.

I attended Northeast Broadcasting School in Boston, Massachusetts, and after doing traffic updates, and sports with a Boston radio station for my internship for about a year.

During this time a major event took place as the station brought in a new program director that fired the staff on the spot, so it was time to move on to pursue a paying job in broadcasting.

My first real radio “gig” was with a Christian station in Nashua, New Hampshire as their weekday morning guy, and when I say weekday morning it was just that 6am until 12 noon.

I found myself moving from one station to another, working mid days, to overnights, to sporting events. The greatest thrill during this time of my career was bringing home the Golden Mike award for best production of a local sporting event in New Hampshire of a high school football game during a local blizzard on Thanksgiving Day.

Let us change lanes, and look at the classical music aspect of my life and try to bring these two lanes of life down to a simple one lane road. Classical music was introduced to me down in the den at home with Richard Campbell (yes my dad) on a Saturday morning listening to the radio and there would be classical music on the station. Also taking piano and trumpet lessons with performances of Bach, Brahms, Mozart, Grieg, Sousa, and Tchaikovsky that kept taking me back to the days with Richard Campbell (dad) and the stereo in the den, then there was a phone call from dad to let me know that he would become a volunteer announcer at a radio station in Wake Forest, North Carolina and that he was now being a broadcaster like his son. Some of followers of WCPE may remember dad back in the late 1980’s as a Music in the Night host, then moving up to Sleepers Awake shift.

There are times that a father and son can work together, and we started a partnership of sorts at WCPE, when Phil Davis came along, yes I took Davis in respect of dad and already the last name of Campbell on the Classical Station. Sadly Richard Campbell passed away during Sleepers Awake back on April 24, 2000, and one month later changed my name from Phil Davis, to Phil “Davis” Campbell. I still felt as if dad is sitting with me at WCPE just like a few years ago.

I feel at home with the family that makes up WCPE, and the listeners that are the family that continues to make this music possible on a station that is totally listener supported.

I am proud to be a part of your life to bring classical music to your family, and to continue that dream of broadcasting started so many years ago on a Saturday night at a little closet radio station.