Dear Member and Friend of The Classical Station,

Thank You Very Much for helping us keep WCPE's quality classical music broadcasts on the air and on the internet. Your advance gift helps make our fund drive more effective because we can speak to our newest listeners — those who have not yet made their first gift to Great Classical Music!

Just in case you've not gotten around to lending us a hand yet, please take a moment right now to make your Personal Pledge while you are reading this and have the URL TheClassicalStation.org in front of you.

It's important that we hear from you — here's why:

Your personal help is crucial. WCPE Radio and The Classical Station is a special community radio station different from almost every other public broadcast station. We rely entirely on listener support and help from concerned business owners who listen just as you do. Many other public radio stations have schools or government entities behind them; most, in fact.

We feel we have something more valuable: you. You are our Supporting Member!

That means that we're not concerned about having an outside entity tell us what we should program; we pay attention to what you want to hear, and we wouldn't want it any other way. It is truthful to say that WCPE Radio and TheClassicalStation.org are your stations, and your's alone.

Every public radio station (including the ones who get a government check) tell you your gift is important to them. It is important. But consider this: If those stations receive a substantial part of their operating revenue from government support, how much more important is your gift to WCPE Radio and TheClassicalStation as we do not have alternate sources of funding?

This make things difficult at times, but we've been on the air since 1978 without ever getting a government check. Not many public radio stations can say that. Further, not too many public radio stations broadcast programming that is dedicated 100% to Great Classical Music and the classical vocal arts!

If you look at the numbers, more and more stations operated by university and government organizations are moving away from classical music — many completely away. It's because more people listen to news and information stations, but we have several distinct advantages:

First, WCPE Radio operates at the highest power allowed in the Nation, a full 100,000 watts; and we operate 24/7 unceasingly — because that's what you want. And we have close to a dozen relay stations on the outskirts of our main signal area, so our signal goes even further.

Plus, I hope you will be proud to know that we offer our programming without charge, cost, or obligation to every public radio station across the Nation. Most of these stations are small community stations, and would have to go off the air overnights if not for us. Many are owned by smaller schools, and they would have to go off the air during vacations and holidays. Because of your support of TheClassicalStation and WCPE Radio, we can offer these stations our programming for them and for their communities. So your gift goes even further and helps multiple public stations across the States!

Another advantage is TheClassicalStation.org. People anywhere can listen to our station. We even have folks at weather stations at both poles who enjoy listening to us! Our net signal is to your advantage, too! Where ever you go, take us with you.

What Our Upcoming Fund Drive is For:

Everyone has to make their first contribution, but far too many new listeners assume we've got a big organization behind us guaranteeing all of our bills. So we need to take some time out to give our new listeners the facts; the only way we can do this is to tell them. We're going to do our best to demonstrate to these people that they ought to support our work. We'll do this during our upcoming drive, because that's the only way to reach new listeners.

But there's no reason our drives can't be "fun" too. We've got our best music lined up for you, and we'll play as much as we can — and I think you'll enjoy listening to the drive — much more than you may guess!

From your letters, you and others tell me you make a point to give an extra helping hand to WCPE and TheClassicalStation mostly for three reasons:

First, you know it is important to support WCPE Radio, TheClassicalStation, and every public station whose services you value. Second, because WCPE isn't operated by a governmental unit, you feel it's important to financially go a little further to compensate, to "level" the balance. Third, you know that as more stations turn away from classical music, you realize it becomes more important for you to enlist the support of your friends, because ... ... with the net, no one need be without our Great Classical Music service! Just tell your friends " has been devoted to Great Classical Music programming for over thirty-seven years. We are determined to be here for you for a lot longer to come, too!

So please be generous when you decide how much you can pledge to preserve and protect the Great Classical Music on WCPE.

Your gift will do its work directly toward paying the basic operating and broadcasting expenses that must be met, such as electricity, maintenance and repairs, insurance, and of course, 24 hour program transmission costs across all of our multi-media resources we offer you and your friends across the Nation.

Pledging to Support WCPE's National Services

Make a generous pledge especially if you use our National internet, partner public radio stations, or mini-transmitter services!

Truly, it is especially important to show your support for The Classical Station if you listen to WCPE on the net or on a partner station.

But Now, if you've not helped recently, it's time to Ask You for Your Gift:

I spoke of many stations cutting back or even dropping classical music. Those losses make it more important for us to keep Great Classical Music available to those who've lost their local station; they're learning about TheClassicalStation.org primarily because of your voice!

Your tradition of support, especially the "set-it-and-forget-it-monthly-Membership-help" works to ensure our high quality programming is always available. We can't do anything about what other stations choose to do with their programming, but you can trust us to remain as we are.


Deborah S. Proctor
General Manager

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PS: If you've already responded with your pledge of support. Thank you so very much — your help is very much appreciated! But if you haven't, please take a moment to act now!

You may contribute securely online here: www.TheClassicalStation.org. Thank you for your steadfast support!




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