From Deborah Proctor, General Manager

Deborah Proctor

December 2018

You are giving the gift of Great Classical Music to everyone who listens to WCPE and across the Nation and on every continent of the world 24 hours a day! Many new listeners are being introduced to our broadcasts for the first time, and the universal language of classical music brings a positive influence to the lives of all who hear it.

November 2018

We feel honored to know that you appreciate this continuous beautiful music which is inspiring, soothing, restorative, healing; a universal value to you, and to every listener of the station and Internet. Consider: Our listeners don't have to be able to understand English to enjoy the music; even schoolchildren in other countries listen and enjoy! How unique!

August 2018

WCPE has been alive with excitement and great anticipation this summer as we looked forward to sharing our Great Classical Music with listeners both here at home and around the world for 40 years!